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    Capacity Building for Educational Administrators
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    Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) including entrepreneurship programmes
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    Development of Employer Engagement Programmes
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    Establishment and Management of TVET institutions and Business Development Centres
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    Development of specialised programmes for and management of Special Needs Schools

The Nigerian Ambassador to the Philippines, Her Excellency, Ambassador Abibat Adekunbi Sonaike-Ayodeji commends The Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, on the establishment of Abia State Education for Employment (E4E) Agency and encourages him to share this concept with other State Governors.


Speaking at a dinner where she hosted Mr Endi Ezengwa, at her residence in Manila, Philippines, Her Excellency, praised Dr Okezie Ikpeazu for establishing Abia State Education for Employment (E4E) Agency that is providing opportunities for the youths in the State. She encouraged the Governor to share this vision with his peers at Nigerian Governors Forum.


In 2015, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu established Abia State Education for Employment (E4E) programme to harness and maximise the human resource capital base of the State, grow the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector of the economy and improve the State’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).
The programme has grown to become an agency and has attracted two World Bank assisted projects to support its objectives.


One of the major objectives of the Agency since 2015, is the development of the State’s Technical Colleges in terms of physical infrastructure, quality of the teachers and adequacy of equipment for training. The Governor’s first intervention was in Boys Technical College, Aba where he fenced the walls, provided a dedicated transformer and restored electricity after seven years. He also refurbished existing buildings and completed new ones.


It is in recognition of all his efforts in this area, that the Federal Ministry of Education through the World Bank decided to support the development of at least three of these colleges to World Class standard through the Innovation Development Effectiveness in the Acquisition of Skills (IDEAS) project.


To ensure best outcomes, the Governor sent Mr Endi Ezengwa, the Director General of Abia State Education for Employment Agency, who is also the Focal Person for IDEAS project to engage the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) of the Philippines. The aim is to establish an exchange programme for the training of technical teachers in other to meet the acute shortage of requisite personnel in Technical Colleges in the State. TESDA is behind the success story of skilled Filipinos meeting various human resource needs of organisations all over the world.


The Nigerian Embassy in the Philippines, acting on the Governor’s request is ensuring that these objectives are met.

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I was invited to the the riverine area of Ondo State where the Ijaws reside. My host is one of the top 'Generals' of the ex-agitators in the Niger Delta.
He is full of vision and drive to help his people and has invested a lot in infrastructure in and around Agadagba - about one hour drive from Ore towards the ocean.
There are 3 Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutions in Agadagba that need to be activated to create an interface for the conversion of the latent potentials of the youths in the region into a vibrant workforce that will improve the local economy and general well being of the populace.
Our assessment include a boat trip to the headquarters of the Arogbo community which coincided with their annual festival. We intend to involve the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and National Business and Technical Education Board (NABTEB) in the activation of these well-built and furnished institutions - ensuring that they not only train but also produce goods and services that are relevant to the local community in particular and Nigeria in general.
Kiara College is partnering with JAMUB Global Services to deliver this service.
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Within the context of FARA’s Holistic Empowerment for Livelihoods Program (HELP), a holistic model driven by global partnership to deliver livelihood by leveraging the South-South & Triangular Cooperation (SSTC), the Abia State of Nigeria has pledged to adopt FARA’s Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa (S3A). This was declared by Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, the Executive Governor of Abia State on 24th September 2019, when Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo, the Executive Director of FARA, paid him an official visit in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State.

During the meeting, FARA offered its network of experts to support the state’s attempt at transforming and diversifying its economy using its Innovation to Impact Pathways, by taking advantage of the entrepreneurial potentials of the state. Receiving a strategy document dubbed ‘Abia Agripreneurs’; developed by FARA, in which strategic commodities (cassava, ugwu, tomato, plantain and poultry) are prioritized for developing an action plan aligned to HELP, Dr. Ikpeazu thanked FARA and pledged to provide all the needed support in implementing the plan. It is expected that the strategy will usher in New Cassava for Economic Development in Abia State (NCEDA) and support the training of at least 150 Abians in FARA’s capacity development program-ARIFA, in the next 3 years.

Thanking FARA for the opportunity, Mr. Endi Ezengwa, the Coordinator of Education for the Employment (E4E) initiative, indicated that the opportunity for partnership with FARA represents one of the converging points in the agricultural sector, where the state already houses the biggest cattle market In Nigeria. This is also the vehicle through which key interventions in Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D) as outlined in this document, may be implemented.

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In line with his avowed commitment to empower the people of Abia State, particularly the youths in skill acquisition and technical education, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu on assumption of duties in 2015 as the fourth democratically elected Governor of Abia State launched a skill-driven programme known as ‘Education for Empowerment (E4E)’. The programme is aimed at building capacity of enterprising youths of the State in various skills. Ever since, Mr. Endi Ezengwa, a multi talented human capacity developer and Chief Executive Officer of Kiara & Active Support Care has been highly involved in the business of ensuring that the youths are exposed and empowered in multi-skills acquisition schemes using the E4E and YESSO platforms amongst others.
Ezengwa’s ingenuity in human capital development, particularly in skill acquisition for youths and other empowerment programmes as well as his ability to interpret the dreams and visions of the Governor in that regard over the years prompted the Governor to create an Agency known as Education for Employment (E4E) and appointed him the pioneer Director General of the Agency. This programme which is now an Agency has empowered many youths in various skills.
Just recently, precisely on September 11th 2019, Mr. Endi Nzengwa through his Non-Governmental Organization, ‘Kiara Active Support and Care’ held a workshop specially put together for Social Care Managers and Primary Health workers in the 17 Local Government Areas of the State.
In an interview at the event, Mr. Ezengwa disclosed that the workshop was part of the events marking his 60th birthday and that the event serves as his birthday souvenir to the people of Abia State. According to him, training social health workers in the State is a way of supporting the health policies of the State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. His interest is to make sure that there is reasonable positive change in the healthcare services of Abia State.
It is important to point out that Mr. Ezengwa is offering the training of the social health workers free of charge. Because of his passion for the State and in order to add value and build capacity in the health programmes of Abia State Governor, he decided, at the training venue, to extend the training beyond one day. He said instead of one course he originally had in mind to train the participants on, he has decided to run four sessions of courses for them within a space of one year, in which certificates would be given to the participants at the end of the training.
Apart from skill acquisition and youth empowerment programmes he had perfectly been handling in the State, Ezengwa is grounded in the area of management of people with special needs. Special needs is a term used in the clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental or psychological. In the last twenty years, Mr. Ezengwa has through this his NGO, Kiara Active Support and Care provided social healthcare services to people in UK and other International communities. This time around, he has decided to ensure that Abia, his home State benefit from his wealth of experience in that special healthcare area. Prior to this time, he had engaged in similar interventions in Enugu State through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) he had with the Psychiatric Department of the University Teaching Hospital, Enugu.
The objective of the capacity building of social health workers in the State is to improve and deliver support and care to the less privileged in the rural communities of the State. The Ezengwa led team intends to use technology to provide effective early medical interventions, deliver expert health care and minimize the inconveniences caused to patients and health workers from poor logistics and long travel time. In line with this objective, the Kiara Active Support and Care has developed a system called Abia Care Management System (ABCMS), a mobile data collection tool for web and mobile devices which allows one to collect data in real time with custom designed form. The App is designed to collect information on the less privileged in the 17 LGAs of the State.
Truly, Endi Ezengwa’s ingenuity in these various areas of his interventions and capacity building is commendable and appreciated. More interestingly is the fact that individuals with special needs all over the world are confronted with limited access to services such as health care, education, transport, water, sanitation facilities, housing and infrastructure among others. However, Mr. Ezengwa, through his Abia Care Management System (ABCMS) would use technology to turn around the narrative in Abia State as he trains these social health care managers with whom this goal would be achieved.
Government all over the world needs partners to be able to achieve much for the citizenry and Mr. Endi Ezengwa is really one of those who have identified with the visions of Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu in the area of skill acquisition and human capital development which culminates into economic development of the society. The positive effect of the activities of Mr. Ezengwa in the State both the Education for Employment and social healthcare are enormous. It would remain indelible in the sands of time because it would outlive the administration of Governor Ikpeazu. The empowerment would be one of the legacies the Ikpeazu administration would bequeath to Abia people and residents as the State is gradually growing the economy of the State through various empowerment.
Bravo Mr. Endi Ezengwa!

The World Bank has commended Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu on the investment in Education for Employment programme which he initiated upon assuming office in 2015.

The commendation came from a representative of the world body during a workshop held on the 17th of October, 2018 at World Bank head office in Abuja on a new project to be funded by World Bank.

The workshop was organized in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education which is supervising the new project termed Innovation Development Effectiveness in the Acquisition of Skills (IDEAS), with the main objective of improving the relevance of skills of labour market entrants in both the formal and informal sectors in Nigeria.

Speaking further, he stated that this investment in Education is the reason Abia State has been selected to receive a grant to develop Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) in the State.

At the workshop, Abia State E4E programme and MAFITA project were the selected models for review. Whereas MAFITA is a DFID funded project for Northern states, E4E program was developed and is being funded by Abia state government. It would be recalled that the E4E programme also attracted the World Bank sponsored Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) project in the State.

Earlier, Mr. Endi Ezengwa had made a presentation about E4E after which he took questions from the participants. He said that the Abia State government will do more if adequately supported.

He thanked the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) for their continuous support.

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