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Our Services

  1. Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) (including entrepreneurship programmes)
  2. Establishment and Management of TVET institutions and Business Development Centres
  3. Capacity Building for Teachers (especially Technical and Vocational Education Teachers)
  4. Development of Employer Engagement Programmes (Bridging the gap between Technical and Vocational Colleges and the Industry)
  5. Capacity Building for Educational Administrators ( Project Management Courses, Information Technology for Managers, Financial Management, etc)
  6. Accreditation of Courses/Institutions
  7. Business Support Services
  8. Establishment and Management of Educational Management Systems and Processes
  9. Development of specialised programmes for and management of Special Needs Schools
  10. Development and Management of Labour Market Information System (LMIS)


Below are our PDF downloadable forms
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Kiara Collge Booking Form  435


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