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Current Projects

Anambra State Education Programme Investment Project (World Bank Assisted)

Anambra state is one of the 3 states in Nigeria (others are Ekiti and Bauchi) benefitting from the World Bank assisted State Education Programme Implementation Project (SEPIP). The objective is to support: (a) need-based teacher deployment; (b) school-level management and accountability; and (c) measurement of student learning in Participating States. SEPIP is designed to support, the programmes and priorities of participating States in addressing education access, quality and efficiency issues, through their own funding, financing from UBEC and other government agencies, as well as other development partners.

The five Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs) for the achievement of these objectives are;

  1. Teacher deployment in rural areas (Improve teacher availability in rural areas)
  2. Teacher deployment in core subjects (Improve teacher availability in cores subjects English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and integrated science in Junior Secondary Colleges)
  3. Assessment of student achievement ( Improve regular measurement of student learning and achievement level in secondary education)
  4. Technical and Vocational Education (Stimulate partnerships and accreditation of programmes for relevance in technical colleges)
  5. College Based Management Committees (SBMCs) – (Strengthen SBMC participation and capacity for improving college effectiveness, management and accountability)

Since 2013, Kiara College has been contracted by Anambra State Government to deliver the yearly outputs for the 4th Indicator above – Stimulate partnerships and accreditation for programmes for relevance in the 11 Technical and Vocational Colleges in the state. To achieve this, we have executed the following activities to date;

  1. Developed a Strategic Plan for Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) in Anambra State
  2. Established stakeholders meetings to revive TVET in the state
  3. Conducted capacity building programme for 100 Technical teachers in preparation for partnerships with Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Nnewi.
  4. Facilitated a partnership programme between the Technical and Vocational Colleges and Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Nnewi (200 students received hands-on training at the factory)
  5. Facilitated a study tour of Singapore for Principals, Heads of core subjects of the Technical and Vocational Colleges and staff of the State Ministry of Education
  6. Facilitated a retreat for all stakeholders in the construction trades and industries in the state
  7. Facilitated a workshop for100 teachers on the construction trades in preparation for the partnership between the Technical and Vocational Colleges and the construction industry in the state
  8. Supervising the re-accreditation of courses at GTC Onitsha by the National Board of Technical Education

Abia State Education for Employment (E4E) programme

Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, the Governor of Abia State has created the E4E programme to harness the potential of unemployed youth and generate the human resources necessary to sustain the 5 pillars (Agriculture, Industry, Commerce, Oil &Gas and Education) of the development of the state. Graduates will be either self-employed or employable in the public or private sectors.

The programme includes the rehabilitation of Technical and Vocational Colleges as well as other Skills Acquisition Centres, Development of a Business Development Centre in each of the 17 Local Government Areas, Teacher Training, Business Support Services for SMEs, Establishment of a Labour Management Information System (LMIS), industry engagement activities to bridge the gap between educational institutions and the industry and Development of new Technical and Vocational Institutions and Industrial Parks.

Kiara College developed this concept and is currently managing the programme.

Some of the activities that has taken place include;

  1. Assessment of educational institutions and skills acquisition centres
  2. Stakeholder meetings with a) 8 related State Ministries, b)Youth Development Officers, c) Community Development Officers d) Officers of Cooperatives in rural areas e) Statutory Educational Institutions in the State f) Private Training Providers g) Owners of Industries and Medium Scale Enterprises and h)
  3. Data capture of all unemployed youth in the State – a part of the LMIS


Below are our PDF downloadable forms
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